What is the CreaTures Framework?

The CreaTures Framework is a resource developed by the CreaTures project for creative practitioners, policy makers and funders, and researchers interested in the link between creative practice, eco-social change, and transformative futures.  

It sets out how creative practices can stimulate action towards socially and ecologically sustainable futures. Four curated paths through the Framework – Research, Policy, Creative Practice and Funding – each offer a collection of resources charting the key concepts and terms, processes, tools for evaluation, and resources for various stages of creative practices.

How was the CreaTures Framework produced?

The CreaTures Framework is the result of three years of intense research and collaboration between creative practitioners, artists, policy makers, funders and others both inside and outside the CreaTures project. We’ve gathered and analysed 140 creative projects that creative practitioners and interdisciplinary researchers have found transformative. We’ve commissioned 20 experimental artistic productions during which we’ve experienced, observed and evaluated for their transformational impacts jointly by CreaTures artists and researchers. We’ve run 20 seminars on art, creative practice and change with practitioners, policy makers and researchers. And we’ve brought our learning together into this CreaTures Framework.


The CreaTures Framework has been made possible through the knowledge, experience and ideas of all the CreaTures partners  and collaborators.

The team who drew together the learning from all the contributors to make the CreaTures Framework are: